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Copia Resources
We connect with properties
to help find cleaner solutions

A New Standard

it starts with community
It ends with integrity based results

Copia Resources helps multi-family housing, commercial and retail businesses tackle their environmental and waste goals.  

With a strong emphasis on the human connection we are successfully able to implement effective solutions that provide measurably improved experiences for residents, employees and management.

Ancillary Service Solutions​

Copia Resources, Inc. is the premier vendor partner for ancillary services. By maintaining our standard of excellence in knowledge, expertise and service, we help our clients address and solve direct and collateral issues that arise with refuse/garbage/recycling/composting requirements.




copia at the core

Copia Resources was founded on the notion that a business in its most basic form should be honest, straight forward, ethical and responsible. We believe to be successful as a business we need to maintain an adaptable environment while maintaining the standards in quality of service.