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Copia strives be the premier and most complete waste and recycling partner to our clients.

Our services bridge the gap of services for commercial, retail and residential properties


Copia Resources experienced team will come to the developing property to give suggestions on heights of chutes, trash room sizes and necessary trash and recycle phases in development.


Copia Resources field crews will go through each bin/tote to ensure discarded trash and recycle are in their designated bins with no contamination. The teams will also transfer from bins so that there are no overages on the property.

Quarterly Bill Audit

Copia Resources team will go through hauler invoices from each quarter to check for discrepancies from the hauler.

Push Pull

Push / Pull Bins

Copia Resources team will pull the bins on dump days to their designated staging area for the haulers to service.

Before the end of the Copia Resources teams work day we will put the bins back in their designated areas and clean any debris that may have been in the rooms as a result of the bins being out for service.


Copia Resources teams will annually powerwash enclosures on the property to help with floor stains and smells that develop from trash.

Bin Training

Bin Training

Copia Resources team will tow bins behind a (truck / golf cart / pallet jack), to either the onsite compactor or staging area for pull outs

Walking Trash Rooms

Copia Resources teams will go to each trash room to clear out debris, left behind bulk items, and sweep each room.


Bulk Item Management
(Debris Bin)

Making sure that the bulk items on the property are set aside neatly in either the designated area or the debris box if there is one onsite. 

Copia Team

Bulk Item Management
(No Debris Bin)

Removal of bulk items left by the trash enclosures. The property will get two (2) appliances removed as a courtesy from their property; appliance removal after that will be upon approval of a fee. Please note that this does not include construction material or hazardous waste.

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