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About Copia
do the right thing first

It Started with a simple need

it grew into a company

Copia Resources was founded in 2015 surrounding a simple concept, trash and recycling. It is something that is fundamental in all of our day to day routines and yet easily put on the back burner. Copia comes in to assess the trash and recycling levels for each individual business and, combining this knowledge with our teams work, we are able to ensure the most cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

The copia solution

Today Copia Resources, Inc. is the premier vendor partner for ancillary services. We help our clients address and solve issues that arise with garbage, recycling and composting requirements. We are unique in that we do not believe in one overall solution.
Just as each person is different and unique so is each client and partnership. Copia does not just analyze the refuse of each property but what our teams can do to make it the best it can be by adjusting our services to what fits each properties need the best.




Forging what's next

Copia Resources is continuing to expand in the Northern California, Los Angeles, CA and Seattle, WA areas. However, expansion is more than just the physical growth of our business. We also strive in expanding our services to our commercial and multi-family businesses.

We fundamentally believe the best way to grow as a company is by both bridging new partnerships, as well as listening to our current clients needs. Through this we have recently started offering additional services, such as odor control solutions.

A core concept that we hold dear is that while we grow so should the communities we are in. We have developed relationships and helped many organizations that hold special meaning to us. We urge you to click on our Beyond Copia section to learn more about our outside passions.